Senior Partner

Gusztáv Bacher

Gusztáv Bacher is the head of Szecskay Attorneys at Law’s Intellectual Property Practice Group. He specializes in civil law, competition […]

Orsolya Görgényi

Orsolya Görgényi is a transactional lawyer with international clients, with vast global connections and two decades of experience in the

Patrick Tausz

Patrick Tausz heads our real estate and construction practice. He specializes in real property law, including the tax regulations relating

Katalin Grósz

Katalin Grósz specializes in the legal areas concerning the energy industry. Within this field she has been involved in matters

Judit Gulás

Judit Gulás is an expert in banking litigation matters and her track record covers extremely complex and sensitive cases in

Judit Budai

Judit Budai is a senior partner and co-manager of the firm. Having joined the firm since its foundation, she has