Szecskay Team Teaches Pharma Law at ELTE

Supporting the Self-education Organization of Law Students (Joghallgatók Önképző Szervezete-JÖSz) at ELTE University Faculty of Law, Szecskay Attorneys at Law has started a university course on pharma law in March 2022.

The course covers different aspects of the pharma industry, in particular patent law (scope of protection, enforcement, limits of patent law and compulsory licence), regulatory issues, clinical trials, advertising, and competition law. For many years the Szecskay team has represented major clients active in the field of pharmaceuticals and draws on the mix of academic and practical experience in this field.

Lecturers include Szecskay’s Dr. Gábor Faludi (head of the course), Dr. Gusztáv Bacher, Dr. Sam MacMahon Baldwin (European Lawyer), Dr. Gábor Faludi Jr., Dr. Dávid Kerpel, Dr. Sándor Németh, Dr. Zoltán Kovács and Gedeon Richter’s Dr. Aida Kovács.

The pharma law course addresses both theoretical and practical issues and will be held in Hungarian and in English.





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