Szecskay Attorneys at Law Joins IAB Hungary

As of 2023 Szecskay Attorneys at Law has joined IAB Hungary, part of the Hungarian Advertising Association. The aim of the organization is to raise awareness to and strengthen digital marketing and advertising solutions. Szecskay Attorneys at Law and nearly 50 other member firms in Hungary support the interests of the industry, regulate market practice and train players in the digital market.

“It is true that the digital market environment presents businesses with many new compliance challenges due to the constantly changing and increasingly sophisticated legal environment. Moreover, the consequences of non-compliance can in many cases be serious, both from a reputational and financial point of view,” says Anikó Keller in an interview with IAB Hungary.

In the interview that introduces Szecskay Attorneys at Law as new member firm, Anikó further talks about why competition law compliance programs are in demand and how they can support businesses who are active in the digital market environment to comply with the complex regulations.

Anikó also provides answers on partnerships with international law firms, Szecskay’s engagement in the competition law field on an international level and more. Find the full interview here.



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