Judit Budai Recognized as Trailblazer by Terralex

Judit Budai has been recognized as Trailblazing Woman by TerraLex as part of their Women’s History Month program to celebrate the accomplishments of women leaders. The 2024 Terralex recognition has been awarded to 15 women in order to honor their inspirational and trailblazing spirit and their efforts to pave the way for future generations of women.


Besides her day-to-day client work Judit is tirelessly supporting the new generation of business people and in particular the start-up community in Hungary as well as the overall economic competitiveness of the country by strengthening various Hungarian civil industry groups. One of her focus points is the education of start-ups as well as small and medium sized companies about the legal framework and opportunities in Hungary and the support of their lobbying activities from a legal perspective.


Lately Judit has been particularly active in raising awareness across different industries and organizations to sustainable business models which are in line with the global ESG trends and evolving regulations.




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