János Vajda Publishes Legal Psychology Book

“Only in the presence of my psychologist!” – the new legal psychology book by János Vajda has been published in October 2023. The book targets those lawyers who understand that solving cases often requires psychological skills in addition to legal ones. It enables lawyers to take advantage of the combination of psychology and behavioral sciences in their profession.

János Vajda has been practicing law at Szecskay Attorneys at Law for nearly 20 years. He also has a Masters degree in psychology with a particular focus on legal psychology.

His new book covers the influence of psychological mechanisms on legal work, how to use the tools of modern psychology during a court or business trial, techniques of how to become a more successful negotiator and interviewer, tips on how to handle and de-escalate conflict situations and many more sides to the psychological challenges of legal work.

At the end of each chapter situational exercises, examples, cases and tests help with further developing the newly acquired psychological knowledge.

The book was published by ORAC and can be ordered HERE.



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