Agriculture and Food Industry

Our clients
Since the early stages of the Hungarian market economy we have advised clients in the agricultural and food processing and trading industry, as well as major participants in the spirit manufacturing and distribution sectors. We also assist in the establishment and operation of companies producing and distributing food supplements.

What can we offer?
Usually, we start cooperating with our clients in the course of an acquisition by carrying out extensive due diligence of the targets [which most recently have included companies in the animal grower, dairy, food processing and canning or supply (e.g. bakery supply) sectors] operating all over Hungary. In addition to the acquisition aspects, we have helped with the restructuring of a number of acquired targets.

We assist clients in contractual negotiations with banks and suppliers on financing their operation, as well as in negotiating or revising their contracts with growers, producers, logistic service providers and distributors.

As the case may be, we also help our clients in the acquisition and disposal of arable lands.

We also assist our clients by ensuring that all of the legal issues and obstacles that may arise in the ordinary course of business – i.e. issues with employment law, commercial contracts, advertising law, IP (such as trademark portfolio building, management and protection) dispute resolution and insolvency matters – are covered.

In regulatory matters, our advice is most frequently requested in connection with environmental and health and safety compliance.

In connection with cartel or merger control cases we assist clients on a number of product markets (e.g. involving crops and animal feed components).



Anikó Keller, Partner
Judit Budai, Senior Partner
Patrick Tausz, Senior Partner
Gusztáv Bacher, Senior Partner
Attila Jásdi, Partner

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