Energy and Environment

In energy law since the 90-ies
Since the privatization of the energy industry in the middle of the 1990s we have been advising the group of one of the winning bidders but our energy-law-related practice extends to other players of the energy sector as well.

Transactions & Regulatory
We deal with questions related to issues such as the generation of electricity, the trading of energy trading, the operation of networks, energy-related investments, the licensing and regulation of energy-related activities. Other than these, we have been active as legal advisors in several major transactions in the energy industry on the sellers’ as well on the buyers’ side.

Dispute Resolution
Furthermore, we also represent clients in disputes concerning issues of energy law. We represent numerous players of the energy industry in litigations as well as in resolution of disputes via arbitration in connection with claims related to the most versatile issues of energy law.

Environmental Law
Our experience in environment law is the result of the fact that the activities of many of our clients regularly raise environmental issues which are regulated and need to be dealt with to avoid regulatory or civil law consequences. In this respect we deal with such questions of environmental law as the licensing of activities, the cleaning of contamination, the liability for environmental damages or the implications of environmental liability in the context of transactions.

Within the area of environmental law we regularly represent our clients before authorities and courts, we advise them in the course of negotiations and in connection with the environmentally relevant issues of investments. In connection with one of the largest environmental challenges, the cyanide contamination of the Tisza river by a gold mine in Romania, our firm represented with success the Hungarian State in the litigation against the contaminator.



Katalin Grósz, Senior Partner
András Szecskay, Managing Partner
Patrick Tausz, Senior Partner
Sándor Németh, Partner
Róbert Dezső, Partner

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